News- Book 2 is on its way

After the successful launch of Book 1, ‘A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe’, we are pleased to announce that the follow -up book is well under way and will be released later this year.
This book contains a great deal of practical information for continuing the journey/living in a multi-dimensional Universe.
The book explains how we are creating our own reality every moment of our lives. It also explains how the future influences our life and work in the present and how to recognise and use this valuable information to create the life that we want for ourselves.

lake Malawi by sunset

Continually expanding our depth and awareness of the field enables us to realise that we can access energetic and emotional information in several dimensions.
The energetic field is full of surprises, not the least being when you suspect from your experiences, that the energetic field is aware, is consciously teaching you, and has a sense of humour.
What is ‘The Void’, a place of no-thing even ‘self’, which we inadvertently create as a final step to enlightenment/seeing God or however we view this final spiritual step?  Read the author’s experience of the ‘void’ and what he learned that will help others on their continuing journey in the Universal energy field. ………….and much more.