Consulting services

Why outside consultation?
Each of us is a unique individual. How we view the world is different to any one else. Our beliefs and values; how we obtain and process information and many other aspects of our selves is different to anyone else. To make matters even more complicated, our programming from birth shapes our responses and behaviour every minute of the day and these are often in conflict with our feelings arising from our subconscious mind, which are rarely acknowledged or even recognised.
Very few people manage to get on with themselves without some inner conflict arising. Living and/or working proactively with other unique individuals in life and work requires a wide range of skills that very few of us are naturally equipped with. Sometimes independent and impartial assistance enables understanding and co-operation to take place, breaking an impasse and promoting forward movement saving a relationship or marriage, the breakup of a family, the efficiency and/or profit of a business.

Waveform Consultancy
We provide a confidential and impartial consultancy service for individuals, families and businesses where, for whatever reason effective communication has broken down.
The unique insights that waveform enables combined with communications skills of NLP, create a powerful tool for the consultant in many situations for the individual and in the workplace.

Consulting for the individual

Personal coaching includes:
Moving on in life
Developing personal alignment
Bringing closure to old situations
Family situations (finding solutions)
Developing solution finding skills.

Consulting for Businesses

What we offer businesses
1) Negotiations
2) CRVs
3) Investigations
4) Teams