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‘A Simple Guide To Voyaging The Energetic Universe’ by Mike Webster.

Our Waveform handbook

Mike’s first book is a valuable support in understanding everyday life as part of the wider energy field of the Universe.
Energetically the size of ‘War and Peace’ yet a short, inspirational book – ideal for a quick read, and then to keep returning to really get to grips with the profound words written.
Mike offers activities, and uses everyday examples, to help the reader gain energy awareness whilst acknowledging everyone has their own journey. He offers insights into his own life journey and its experiences, with varying stages of readiness for new levels of awareness.
This book is ideal for anyone taking their first steps to becoming aware of energy, and also for more experienced energy workers – perhaps with reminders and also new perceptions.
Having already trained with Mike, I could hear his approach to teaching within this book which vitally includes his use of humour to aid learning.
Thanks Mike for putting this Guide into words and onto paper.

Julie Tasker.
BSc(Hons) BA(Hons) PGCE
Vice President, Federation of Holistic Therapists: July 2013 – present.
Director, Shiatsu Society (UK) Limited. April 2010 – May 2011′

In essence, ‘A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe’ is the Waveform ‘Handbook’ with life enhancing skills, practical exercises in energy work and also self alignment which open the door to the energetic matrix and one’s connection with the Universe. The skills that are developed in Waveform have practical value in life, in business and relationships as we have access to the subtle information that each of us is constantly transmitting as our thoughts are transformed into feelings and emotions. Enjoy the book and also the journey.
A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe’ is now available on Lulu.com. and all good book shops as a paperback and also as an ebook.To purchase the paperback or Ebook from Lulu.com click  A_Simple_Guide. Or contact us for a copy, cost £12 inclusive of P&P (UK).
The Author is Michael Webster – Waveform Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner and Remote Viewing trainer – Remote Viewing UK.


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