I was so impressed by the first Waveform course that I continued my training and I am now a graduate. Waveform has taught me to be more aware of subconscious information which I use in my every-day life at work and at home.
In my role as a Business Development Manager looking for new opportunities in Europe Waveform provides the extra edge that allows me to source additional information for lucrative business opportunities. Waveform has also taught me to recognize and trust my “gut feelings”. Colleagues have also commented “How the hell does he do it?”
In one example I saved my company approximately £200,000.This special awareness has also helped me in other areas of my life, including winning a silver medal in the world championships in martial arts and finding the love of my life.
John Ritschel EMBA

“Mike taught me how to listen to and understand the subtle thoughts and emotions of people. I find this particularly useful in a business environment – when interviewing staff, pitching to customers and presenting to investors. This skill gives me an advantage in business – I know how my partners are feeling.”
Nigel SpenceChartered Accountant and CEO of a Cambridge-based Software company.

…..Having this skill helps me get to the core of my client’s obstacles quickly and soundly. My approach makes a real difference in their life because it is like finding the real blockage behind what is verbally expressed. My clients save time and energy.Waterfall Testimonials
Jean-Gil Gonzalez – Personal and Business Coach (Canada)

….Whilst I have ‘hunches’ and gut feelings about situations in which I find myself, I did not believe that someone could be taught to ‘feel’ a situation, or recognise and evaluate someone else’s internal emotional response.
I can now recognise far more quickly what line of questioning is worth pursuing with a subject, also how much prevarication is being applied.
What I have realised, and now tried, has not replaced my skills or my experience, but has given greater insight into more subtle aspects of my work.
Cliff Atkinson – Private Investigator. (Retired).

“Just a note of thanks, for the wonderful experience of the Waveform courses.

The course itself is quite unique, I don’t know how you’d begin to describe it. You created such a wonderful atmosphere that was so relaxed,
non-threatening and fully supportive. Working as an Acupuncturist the Waveform experience has changed my practice. I could never have hoped to have been as attuned as sensitively to energy as I am.
Chris Byrne – Acupuncturist.

“Thank-you again for your warm hospitality and the amazing learning experience that was Waveform.
On a personal level I have learnt to recognise, trust, organise and analyse information received via the system that is Waveform. However I can now also appreciate that is not easy to explain, but once experienced never forgotten. My Shiatsu has also improved and I am now an honest judge of when a treatment has been effective, which is often independently collaborated by the client. I’m still amazed by this and the sceptic in me I think will always continue to be, but I think it’s good to question.
I honestly feel that if I had not attended Waveform 1 and for the first time really felt and trusted the information I was receiving I would not have continued as a practitioner. With this in mind I’m looking forward to future courses as I feel it is now an important aspect of my continued personal development as a practitioner and as a person”!
Jane Baldwin B.Ed (Hons) & MRSS

Dear Mike & Stella
“Whilst I expected that the workshop would shake the foundations of my shiatsu world, and more than a decade of experience, each day of the workshop confirmed more and more all that I had known and done up to that point. My senses became more refined until they reached a higher level of functioning, adding a new level of awareness and ability. During the workshop I found that sensing energy has universal laws that apply to anyone everywhere, instead of being subject to interpretation and speculation. I also found the workshop created reproducible results, which has, to a certain extent changed the way I do my treatments. I now know that I can do what I had always thought was some secret skill, reserved for those few that miraculously gained them after 40 or so years of energy and body work, or survived some kind of ordeal.
But, as Mike likes to put it –‘Don’t just believe me – check it out for yourself!”.
Wolfgang Löffler. Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher – Hara Shiatsu Institute – Vienna – Austria.

“I definitely gained a lot from the workshop – the biggest insight might have been the fact that it does not take years and years of experience to feel energy and energetic changes and that it definitely is not something that only gurus and masters can achieve. The other thing I deeply appreciated was the hands-on quality of the workshop and the many exercises we did. It really helped to try things ourselves right away.I want to thank all three of you for this amazing and fun workshop .
Manuela Kloibhofer – Shiatsu Practitioner 

‘Waveform is pretty much alive here and we are looking for ripples almost everywhere. We treat in our style so we can integrate the best of both worlds, making the energy work much more efficient. We have five pretty impressed teachers. Thanks a lot for this input, Mike, Stella, it’s just great.
Mike Mandl. Shiatsu Teacher and Practitioner Hara –Shiatsu Institute, Vienna.

‘I enjoyed this seminar a lot, especially since it was so different from all the other conferences I participate in. Thanks a lot for sharing with us your experience. I still seek a way to integrate this method into my acupuncture routine, but that will come… I am grateful for referring me to your acupuncturist colleague.
Dr Ute Priglinger MSc

‘There was so much good and practicable input from the course, and I’ll soon be able to tell you more in detail. But now I just have to thank you a lot for the good and intense time at the Hara Shiatsu school’
Kirsten Sleytr Shiatsu Practitioner Vienna

‘Dear Mike, Dear Stella
Thank you for everything.Testimonials spoon bending energy at work
I am just applying the new learned material into practice and life, try to integrate it and put it together with my experience I have so far’.
Jürgen Westhoff . Shiatsu Teacher and Practitioner School of Shiatsu Hamburg.

……. “I have attended scores of training courses and have found Waveform by far the most valuable in terms of broadening horizons,
new teaching delivered in an expert fashion, invaluable learnings to augment the existing skills and techniques already acquired by a wide variety of complementary therapists, whatever their level of experience and without in any way compromising the official teachings of their professional bodies”.
Michael Bland. Author – Media Consultant, Personal Development Speaker, College of Psychic Studies Training and accredited healer

“As a member of the Association of Reflexologists I attend many courses to enhance my understanding and improve techniques in my treatments. Whilst Waveform is not specific to any therapy, I can confirm that I have incorporated a greater understanding of the energetic process into my reflexology treatments and have achieved a high level of client satisfaction and improved responses since graduating. On a personal note I find that Waveform has opened doors in my mind, and has helped me on the path of personal growth”.
Pippa Geddes BSc, Wvf, MAR, ART (Reg)

“Waveform however enabled me to be aware in a much more refined way of when energy was releasing and more importantly when it had completed so that I was spending far less time waiting for releases which had effectively run their course.
I have been a lecturer and teacher of osteopaths for 25 years at both an undergraduate and graduate level, throughout the world. I would recommend the Waveform training to any practitioner of any discipline as a means to enhance the effectiveness of their modality and as a way to be more ‘scientifically’ precise about the process of healing.
Gez Lamb – Registered Osteopath

 “In the four years I have been working at the College, experiencing many different healing modalities, I can honestly say that I have not come across another method of healing and energy work that has such tangible and measurable results, which can be perceived by both the healer and healee. The accuracy of information which Waveform enables people to receive and the ability it gives to direct energy effectively is very impressive.
Octavia Kenny – Former Programme co-ordinator at The College of Psychic Studies London.

“The effect of Waveform on my work as a practitioner and Reiki Teacher has been a wonderful and interesting experience. Waveform has enabled me to not only go straight to the areas that are willing to change, but also to know when emotional releases are happening during a treatment. Since I qualified in 1999 every year I do a course as part of CPD, and I can’t recommend this course highly enough, it is universal to any therapy that works with energy.
Miriam Luckhurst MRSS Shiatsu Practitioner, Reiki Master

“Training with Mike and Stella has been the major turning point in my shiatsu practice. My shiatsu is now more simple, efficient and rooted.
A practitioner can learn more about Shiatsu in two days with Mike than in three years at a school. Thanks Mike and Stella for opening my eyes”
Joaquín Farias Ph.D., M.A. Shiatsu practitioner Author: ‘Playing without Practice’.

Stella, I was thinking about you and Mike the other day and the fact it was Waveform A that started me on this journey with horses. I did the NLP based exercise of moving from one point in the room to the other. One point was doing my onsite massage the other was being with horses…I preferred the horse one..lol… I think that was a year and a half ago! At the time I wasn’t around horses or knew anyone with horses so it seemed a bit of a pipe dream. Since then I volunteered at an Equine Facilitated Learning project, and through that project I rescued our little mare and she stays there with the EFL herd.I am now training in natural horsemanship …which foundations really are Waveform…:-)
So I would like to thank both you and Mike for setting me off on a unexpected but amazing journey… Much appreciation
April Higgins

My particular thanks for letting me know about the book – it’s a profound achievement to have so concisely conveyed on the page so much of what is necessarily understood experientially – I could hear Mike’s voice as I read [not to mention see that damn parrot when began to ruminate!].  I think the book had a particular resonance for me because I read it whilst teaching in China for 3 months last Aug-Nov: it was a daily battle to stay connected and mindful amidst the manic pace and collective incongruence and I found it really helpful to be reminded of all the insights I’d gained through Waveform.  I realised that I no longer treated it as just a useful therapist’s ‘toolkit’ to be taken out only in the quiet of the therapeutic space but as something that could be embodied into an enriched everyday experience.  I especially valued being able to detect the energetic fingerprint of loved ones whilst so far from home; the more so as my email regularly proved unusable there.
Philip Porges Acupuncturist

We do not have room for the great many testimonials we have received from students over the years and in all walks of life.