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Training in Waveform is based on the importance of each participant having direct, tangible experience of the energetic field. What is experienced cannot be denied and is the only reality. Recognising the energetic environment is fundamental to understanding its qualities, and textures, and the information that it is constantly being transmitting to the Universe.
Training includes how one can apply in ones life and work, the skills that one develops in the energy field and the benefits of an expanding awareness of this largely unseen force that is an integral part of our lives.542423_429758173710675_100000294870610_1609227_18886991_n

Training is in several levels of development and in two main areas.

1) The Energetic Matrix (Direct experience)

2) Our connection with the Universe through self alignment.

The Energetic Matrix 

The Energetic Matrix is around us and within us; is an integral part of the Universe and the easiest part of the unseen universe to access in a very tangible way.

It is a part of our daily environment and teems with life mostly unseen and undetected.
The Matrix holds the key to the processes of life at its most fundamental and is the most effective means of transmitting information across space and time.

Connection with the Universe through Self Alignment

Personal Alignment is the bringing together in agreement our head and our heart, the conscious part of ourselves, and the subconscious part of ourselves.
Unity of head and heart brings us more in contact with the Universe, to which we are already connected through the subconscious mind.

Basic Training in Waveform is divided into 2 parts. Part A and Part B

Part A consists of 3 days training.

Perceiving Universal energy – Acquiring the energetic tool of Receptors.
This first practical module clearly demonstrates the tangibility of the energetic environment and demonstrates that you can create significant changes in the energy field that someone P1010503else can feel. Our coaches will help you move beyond your own personal programming to acquiring the sensory tool of Receptors, which provide direct and immediate access to changes in the energy field anywhere, in any situation.

Integration into life – Acquiring the energetic tool of Resonances.

(Applying your Energetic Skills and identifying information from your subconscious) – This workshop has two outcomes;
1) Applying your energetic skills in a practical way in relationships, business and life in general, and recognising what you really want out of life.
2) Accessing emotional changes, and the information it imparts to you, externally in life and work, but also internally in your personal relationship with the universe.

Part B
is a 3 day Certification module

1) How do you want to use your Waveform skills in the world?
We will show you how to do this.
2) We explain the role of frequencies in energetic change, and show you how to can identify a frequency that wants to change and make that change happen. This technique can be applied anywhere where energetic change is required, even over distance and to a recipient you do not know. (We use a frequency generator for demonstration purposes).
3) Identifying and using ‘fingerprints’.
This skill enables you to access anyone, anywhere, at any distance.
You can assess their energetic situation, and also their emotional state in real time. Very useful in therapy for producing very tangible results over distance. In essence you are with the client somewhere in space. In families, this skill can be used to assess a situation, or provide reassurance that a distant loved one is safe and not in distress.
Working with Frequencies: Function, access, identification and application.

Pathfinder Post Grad workshops

Pathfinder Post Grad Workshops are divided into levels according to the workshop content and the level of experience and responsibility required of the participant.

Pathfinder – Guest teachers share their experience and development of Waveform.
We value the individual skill and Waveform application(s) that are developed by our graduates. Some are invited back to teach us what they have learned and developed.Training one to one with Mike
These workshops include deepening awareness of the energetic field; further developing of energetic skills, self alignment and the universal mind and practical applications.

Advanced Pathfinder  small group workshop/ individual training, by invitation only.
The multi-dimensional aspect of these workshops requires of the student a high degree of responsibility.

Remote Access: Events in time, past and present. The facets of the individual energy field. The fundamental vibration.
The ‘Enlightenment’ group.

Life and the Energetic Field
Waveform has always been about exploring the Energetic Matrix/field of which we are a closely integrated part. Understanding how we are connected to the Universe and what we can do to function optimally within it is therefore a vital part of understanding and voyaging within the Energetic field.
Within the field, time and distance are only illusions, and the field is accessible in a number of dimensions as our students experience for themselves. That we are so much a part of the field means that we as human beings are open and accessible on many levels.
To be used for the greater good, this level of perception and expertise requires integrity of purpose; the moral and ethical considerations and the implications of any action taken in the energy field.

When used in conjunction with healing, Waveform transcends the tools and dogma of healing disciplines by directly accessing the source of each – the energetic matrix.
When the principles of energetic change are understood and applied, everything becomes easy.