The Waveform ‘Alert’ Team

The Waveform alert team consists of Waveform Graduates specialising in ‘energetic fingerprinting’ which enables them to detect and access a specific energy field across any distance , whether this field is previously known to then or not.  These volunteers provide their time and skills to assist mainly unknown people who are suffering from a range on illnesses and conditions, most of which are serious or life threatening.

 What they do

A number of team members are usually involved with each ‘alert’ call. Each team member having individual strengths which contribute to obtaining detailed information about the client’s condition.
This information which is both energetic and emotional, is passed back to the client or their nearest support person. In many cases, it has been the support person who has requested the assistance of our organisation.
As members of our team work remotely, it is not unusual for a client to be accessed by Waveform ‘fingerprinters’ who are accessing independantly and from different countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Germany and separated by thousands of miles. Distance is no barrier, and each individual can be located regardless of where they are on our planet.
Access is by request- the fingerprinters facilitate appropriate energetic change in the client’s field and leave when the job is done. Their findings are recorded and then forwarded onto the client or support person via Mike and Stella Webster. Client confidentiality is observed at all times.