What is Waveform Energetics?Mike and Grandad cropped

Waveform is a journey of exploration and self discovery beyond the perceived limits of the five senses.
Waveform is also the HOW of accessing the enormous power of Energy and Spirit through direct experience and self-alignment and applying this in your work and in your daily life.

How Did it All Begin?

In 1949, a small boy living in rural Wales who was playing in a field full of clover. He became absorbed in one particular head of clover; it seemed to grow, expand and he felt absorbed by it. The colours of white and pink glowed with a light and life he hadn’t seen before and he could see it in every detail, feel every part of it, and its frame of glorious green. The boy became aware that he was the ground that he lay on, he was the sky that he could see; and he felt the life that ran through all things. The full significance of the experience was lost to him, as for him, the world was already a magical place.
The years passed and the experience became a distant memory.

At the age of 26 the boy, now a man (Mike Webster) experienced a significant transformation; a massive shift in perception. All was one, time slowed down, the energy fields in which everything exists were joined in glorious technicolour. In some strange way he ‘knew’ the people he passed in the street although he had not seen them before. He began to realise that other things had changed- his food tasted different, sounds were clearer and crisper and everything seemed fresh and new.

The Teachers Appear

Shortly after this experience he found a gifted teacher, a yogi called Helen Mason-Ellis who to tried to point the way for him to understand his experiences and develop his spiritual awareness. TheMike on Isle of Sanday - Orkney -what is Waveform energetics teacher was there, the student was, however not ready. It was only after Helen’s death that he realised the profoundness of what Helen had tried to teach him, that the key to understanding energy and the universe was inside of himself. The lesson was finally learned.

It would be many years before another teacher was to appear and, by that time Mike had moved to farm a small croft on a remote Island in the Orkneys off the northern tip of Scotland. In 1985 Mike was invited to give talk on ‘energy’ to a ‘shamanic’ group of four ladies who lived on the island. By the end of the evening he had become their pupil and, for almost two years was given instruction by them in the way of Energy and Spirit . This training was to change the course of his life and prepare him for the path that lay in front of him.
Although Mike was unaware of this at the time, the foundation of what was to be called, ‘Waveform’ had been laid.

Waveform is born

The final piece of the jigsaw dropped into place in 1996 on the Isle of Bute, which lies off the west coast of Scotland. Whilst waiting in a cafe for the boat to return him to the mainland he experienced a profound transformation of his view of life and the working of the energy field. Within the space of 2 seconds he realised why he could see the human aura; moving colours in the energy field, he could feel that the field was active constantly changing, alive. He could feel movements of others in the ‘field’ and he could feel the emotions of those around him.
Another realisation was that this energetic and emotional information was always present and was available to everyone, not just himself.
Waveform – the process of accessing this field and the information that it contains had just been born